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Neuroscience in Foundations 3e

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 Explorations, Concept Quizzes, Investigations,and Modeling Projects for Foundations for College Mathematics 3e.
Edward D. Laughbaum, Author
This activity book is a collection of almost 350 pages of teaching and learning activities, supplemental tests, and modeling projects. Most of the activities require the graphing calculator.
Foundations 3e is now available in a digital format.
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Foundations for College Mathematics 2e and 3e
Edward D. Laughbaum
Emeritus Professor​ 

Foundations for College Mathematics 3e is typically used as a remedial algebra textbook, a soft track Algebra II text, or a college developmental algebra text. Foundations uses a function approach with the introduction to new content based in real-world contexts. Foundations uses function, function representation, and function behaviors to enhance the teaching/learning of concepts and skills such as factoring, equation solving, arithmetic operations on polynomials, systems of equations, inequalities, properties of inequalities, definitions, concept of asymptotic behavior, absolute value, slope, laws of exponents, etc. Guided discovery learning is implemented with an expectation of student understanding (as opposed to student memorization), and the use of the graphing calculator is required. The over-all structure of Foundations is in concert with the way the brain learns,
​understands, remembers, and recalls. At the same time, the table of contents of the traditional textbooks has been relatively preserved.The traditional topics are placed after a discovery study of  function and function behaviors (Chapters Two & Three) – so that the concept of function and function behaviors can be used to teach these more traditional topics. No other textbook uses these forward thinking
​ideas for teaching and learning.