Algebra through Function Apps

For a list of lessons within each app and further descriptions, click on your choice below. (please search on "Red Bank Publishing" in  Google Play or Amazon). Apps are for Android tablets only.


Foundations of Algebra
Behaviors of the Core Functions of Algebra 
Solving Equations Containing the Core Functions of Algebra
Summative Review of the Core Functions of Algebra
Symbol Manipulations in Algebra 

Review in Preparation for College Algebra

The “Review” apps consist of lessons created as sequential open-ended questions. When students answer a question, they receive an immediate response. The series of questions often forms a guided discovery type lesson that is teaching in nature. The series of apps below contain 39 embedded lessons.

Explore Linear Functions 
Explore Quadratic Functions 
Explore Exponential Functions 
Explore Solving Equations through Functions 


Foundations Information

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